Typically, within 7 days of an accepted offer the Seller(s) will provide the SRPDS to the Buyer(s).
It asks various questions and is meant for the seller to tell you everything there is to know about the property. Things that should be noted on the SRPDS would be if they had any leaks, assessments, when they replaced any appliances, or if they moved electrical. There are also basic questions such as what is their normal electricity bill, what kind of telephone or internet service they have, and when they were at the property last (if vacant or tenant occupied).
Seller’s disclosures vary greatly in their detail and both Buyers and Sellers agents cannot force a seller to be “more detailed” yet we can always ask follow up questions. If there was any work done that should have been done by a licensed contractor or if they needed permits for any major construction, Buyers would want to follow up on those items. If the SRPDS is provided before your home inspection, forward it to the home inspector and they will make sure any past issues are not present or if they were corrected properly.
You will typically have another 7 days to review and accept this document. If there are issues that are disclosed that cannot be corrected, then you may cancel during the SRPDS review period.
Examples of Seller Disclosure issues include:
• Structural, electrical, or plumbing issues
• Lead paint, radon, asbestos, or mold
• Pests or wood-destroying insects (Termites)
• Flood or water infiltration issues