State Seller Disclosure Rules

Every state’s disclosure laws are different, even though the core of most disclosure  statements are similar. That’s why you need to take an in-depth look at the disclosure rules for your state.
Some states do not have a standard disclosure document but instead employ the  Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware” rule. This rule states that it is the buyer’s responsibility to figure out if there are any issues with the home.
The Caveat Emptor rule does not apply if the seller lies about anything that is important that has happened in the home or any important defects within the home.
Find your state to read sample disclosure documents and to find out more on what exactly you need to disclose to the buyer when you sell your house.

  • Alabama: “Caveat Emptor” Rule unless the seller or real estate agent knows about something that would impact the “Health or Safety” of the buyer.
  • Alaska: Residential Real Property Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Arizona: Residential Seller Disclosure Statement
  • Arkansas: Is a Caveat Emptor state, and the real estate agent must “exert reasonable effort” to find any issues with the house.
  • California: Transfer Disclosure Statement; real estate agents cannot help
  • Colorado: Seller’s Property Disclosure (Residential)
  • Connecticut: Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report
  • Delaware: Seller’s Disclosure Of Real Property Condition Report
  • Florida: Florida Realtors Seller’s Property Disclosure – Residential form (SPDR)
  • Georgia: The seller should disclose known problems with the home.
  • Hawaii: Hawaii Seller’s Disclosure Statement; real estate agents cannot assist
  • Idaho: Property Condition Disclosure Form
  • Illinois: Residential Real Property Disclosure Report
  • Indiana: Seller’s Residential Real Estate Sales Disclosure
  • Iowa: Seller Property Condition Disclosure (covers asbestos and lead paint too)
  • Kansas: Seller’s Disclosure And Condition of Property Addendum (Residential)
  • Kentucky: Seller’s Disclosure Of Property Condition
  • Louisiana: Louisiana Residential Property Disclosure
  • Maine: Sellers must provide a property disclosure statement that shares what they know about the water supply system, insulation, heating system, waste disposal system, hazardous materials, known defects, and access to the property. 
  • Maryland: Maryland Residential Property Disclosure And Disclaimer Statement
  • Massachusetts: Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification
  • Michigan: Seller’s Disclosure Statement
  • Minnesota: Seller’s Disclosure Statement
  • Mississippi: Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • Missouri: Seller’s Disclosure Statement for Residential Property Sellers must disclose if methamphetamines were ever made in the house and if a child’s welfare was ever endangered.
  • Montana: Owner’s Property Disclosure Statement
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Real Estate Commission Seller Property Condition Disclosure Statement Residential Real Property
  • Nevada: Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form
  • New Hampshire: Property Disclosure – Residential Only
  • New Jersey: Standard Form Of Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • New Mexico: New Mexico’s disclosures care most about taxes and ask that the seller disclose known material defects.
  • New York: Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • North Carolina:Residential Property And Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement; Sellers can select “no representation” for certain answers, which is a completely neutral response.
  • North Dakota: Seller’s Property Disclosure Form
  • Ohio: Residential Property Disclosure Form
  • Oklahoma: Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • Oregon: Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  • Pennsylvania: Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  • Rhode Island: R.I. Real Estate Sales Disclosure Form
  • South Carolina: State Of South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • South Dakota: Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Residential Property Condition Disclosure
  • Texas: Seller’s Disclosure Notice
  • Utah: Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure
  • Vermont: Seller’s Property Information Report
  • Virginia: disclose knowledge of former mining operations; Residential Property Disclosure Statement
  • Washington: Seller’s Disclosures
  • West Virginia: Caveat Emptor state; real estate agents are under the obligation to be honest with buyers.
  • Wisconsin: Disclosures By Owners of Real Estate
  • Wyoming: Caveat Emptor state; Real estate agents should be honest with buyers.

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