Why Use Us
Existing SRPDS Process
A. Email

  1. Find SRPDS Form
  2. Email To Seller
  3. Seller Prints out SRPDS Form
  4. Seller Completes SRPDS Form
    (Hopefully correctly)
  5. Seller Scans SRPDS Form and Emails to Agent
    (Seller has to figure out how to scan as “PDF”, not jpg)
  6. Agent sends SRPDS form to Buyers Agent.

B. Drive to Sellers to help complete formQuestion mark icon vector(Spend an hour or two doing this)
Use SRPDS.com

  1. Send form URL to Seller
  2. Seller Completes online SRPDS form
    (SRPDS.com has error checking on all questions, to make sure form is complete and correct )
  3. Signed PDF of SRPDS is Emailed to You
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